Whiny Bitch 2

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Lunch time for a live show is always entertaining. Our bitch this time is Elise Graves and for some reason she didn’t remember that dogs eat from a bowl on the floor. She seemed particularly distraught at the idea, but even through her tears and objections we made sure that she ate her meal.

We make her choke it down because she needs to have some strength for later. On an empty stomach we have found her service and stamina to both be lacking. Maybe with her healthy meal of canine delicacies she will last a little bit longer.

The face fucking machine makes an appearance, too. The way it works is phenomenal. Strapped to the back of her head, it keeps a perfect rhythm so that Elise can just relax, open up, and keep sucking cock endlessly.

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Elise’s Challenge 3

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What we have done to Elise Graves so far is so hot that Maggie Mead needs a minute to herself. We sure as hell don’t mind watching her play with her pussy in the cage while we get ready for another round of live, streamed bondage.

Elise hasn’t had it too rough yet. She has cried, but nothing like she will in a minute. PD and Matt want her to answer a few questions under duress. She isn’t too bad at that but the next activity brings the real trauma.

They are going to flog and cane her until she screams for them to stop. That is nothing new. But this time she doesn’t actually get the option of mercy. Instead she is only allowed to ask them to move on to a new torment. While she tries to hold out as long as she can with each attack the tears start to flow again.

The next time Elise breaks down is even more magnificent. We own some of the most brutal clips and clamps in the world. The ones we subject Elise to are definitely near the top of that list. Even worse than just being tight enough to have her yelling at the top of her lungs they are hooked to machine that pushes some heavy voltage through her nipples.

She is literally begging for anything else, without giving a second thought to what that would mean. When we switch them from her tits to her twat, though, she realizes her mistake.

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Elise’s Challenge 2

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Standing in a brutal stapaddo is painful enough for Elise Graves. We have her feet secured to the floor in solid metal boots so she is not going anywhere. When her legs get tired she is going to want to sit down and the only seat available just happens to be a bed of spikes.

She wants to cum from the vibration on her clit but there are so many things hurting her at the same time it is nearly impossible. The suction cups on her nipples are like a non-stop, tugging pinch. The spikes under her ass are digging in hard enough to leave dents. The collar around her neck is barely allowing Elise to breathe. How is a young slut supposed to orgasms through all of that?

The marks each of these treatments leave are amazing. Her nipples are distorted, her ass is on fire and she cannot hold back the screams or the tears. At one point she had subtly done makeup. Now the mascara is smeared around her eyes.

A few stickers tell Elise that she’s been doing a good job in the most humiliating way possible. The savage caning that Elise takes next is enough to leave her weak in the knees. Again, she is left sobbing.

We want her staring into the camera for every stroke and that level of concentration means she has no way to block out the pain. Even if Matt has a hard time hitting her around the frame she is secured to, each time he lands a blow it gets a response.

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Elise’s Challenge

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Elise Graves is the star of our show but for just a little bit she is going to need to share the limelight. It is nothing personal, just that she is stuck in a very tiny cage with Hazel, Dixon and Maggie. They are packed in like sardines while the members ask them a few questions. They try to change clothes but it just ends with a lot of naked flesh pressed together.

The show really starts when we take Elise out of the cage and onto the stage. We are going to keep her there with a pair of iron boots that are secured to the floor. She is not going anywhere once we get her locked into those. We can stretch her out as much as we’d like now.

After that the dress comes off and the hood goes on. We take that opportunity to test out a new whip. She has a pair of nice, perky tits that need a few good stripes.

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