Smiles Part Two

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There is a sick fate in store for Lil Niki Nymph. They want her to take a cock deeper down her throat than she ever has before and the results are pretty predictable. Once she makes her mess on the floor the crew rubs her face in it, literally, to let her know where she stands. They do clean her up though, by dunking her into a nearby toilet. It is not what she expected and nothing like what she was prepared for. The worst is still yet to come.

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Smiles Part One

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Lil Nikki Nymph thought she was up to the task of doing a live show for us, so we figured we would put her to the test. She swore up and down that she was going to be good, but we knew that the saying it is always easier than doing it. Just a few minutes in she is already asking for privileges she has not earned. A few minutes on a spiky seat will teach her some manners.

That is just the warm up, though. Everyone really wanted to see her suspended for a little wax play. Those candles burn hot and it is like dripping fire all over her body. Making her hold one in her ass cheeks while they flog her seems cruel… which makes it the perfect plan for the afternoon.

The Submission of 314 Part Three

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They told 314 early that they did not want to see her cry but she just cannot hold the tears back. The humiliation of eating her dog-food-meal off of the floor is enough to make her start sobbing but they are willing to let that slide.

When it comes time for the question and answer period of the show; that is when she really begins to falter. She has electrodes hooked up to her body, ready to pump large amounts of electricity through her ass, nipples and pussy every time she gives an answer the crew or the members do not like. They turn up the juice and it is like those knobs control the volume of her screams, too. By the end she is sobbing before she even gives her responses if she knows the audience will not approve.