Darling utterly destroyed by cock! Harcore ANAL pounding, epic deepthroat, complete sexual disgrace!

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It is time to unleash the beast. Darling has a very very special talent. She can launch herself so deep into sexual subspace that she is unable to recall her own name. She is able to release herself into complete sexual abandon, going further then most people will ever be able to grasp. Darling can become an animal locked into pure pleasure with no holding back. We are going to reveal that animal in the best way possible…via massive amounts of anal. Anal can unlock most sexual animals.

Laced in through a wooden ladder bondage device and roped into place, both ends of Darling are completely, deliciously, exposed. Her bountiful bubble butt on one side, her well trained mouthhole on the other. We step up and begin to dish out the dick. Darling is already loopy from the punishing pace of this live show. She has completely deepthroated 10 inches of BBC, been caged and cum and we are only just getting started. This punishing anal plowing is the key to unlocking that sexual beast. Darling is doomed.

Every inch of the cock owns her ass. Darling is completely gone. Locked into a sexual zone that most people are unable to even conceive, she is a drooling, vacant eyed mess. The whites of her eyes show, her makeup is panda eyed smudged, her mouthhole slack. The dicks pounds hard and deep without mercy, drilling down from both ends.

By the time we unpeel this limp well used piece of flesh off the ladder, her eyes are rolling around like pinballs. We drop her down to her knees and blast her facepussy a few more times with the dick, just to remind her of her place. She takes every inch to the base, showing just how trained her throat is. We leave her on her knees, mouth open, tongue out and panting. She is covered in cum, lube and drool, dazed and dizzy. This is the look of a girl properly hit by the cock train. Good job Darling!


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Pain Is Love Part 2

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What’s it like being impaled on a stake, Bella? What’s it like to have a metal dildo jammed so far up your cunt that you can’t come down off the tips of your toes? Does it feel good being immobilized by something that makes you feel so good? It’s as nice a treatment as she is going to receive today. A vibrator gets her off and we’re even kind enough to move the cock out of her before her legs give out.

But like I said, it is as nice as we’re going to be. She may cum again, but it’s never going to be as easy as it is when she only has to deal with a little bit of whipping. The next one is going to involve some nipple clamps applied to her tied off and sensitive tits. She only has to sit up for this one but any kind of leaning is going to cause her all kinds of problems. When she leans back the clamps, tied to her toes, pull tight on her tits. When she leans forward the rope around her neck, strung to the ceiling, begins to cut off her airway.

And things get meaner still. Those little clips on her nipples are nothing compared to the set we apply to the lips of her pussy. They keep her spread wide open so that the Hitachi can rest directly against her clit. Another screaming orgasm later, Bella is barely conscious of where she is. It takes a lot out of her to keep cumming so hard and we like seeing it so much that there is no reason for us to let her stop.


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Pain is Love

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Bella Rossi joined us for an amazing live feed. It starts off with her and Rain DeGrey sharing an extremely tight space, a brand new cage. The way they are just tossed inside gives us a bit of a peak at Bella’s colorful panties. Don’t worry, she’ll be taking those off, soon. Rain and Bella both are wearing way too much. What’s the point of having two beauties in bondage if they are going to be all covered up?

Once the girls are free of their tight little dresses the real fun can start. They take turns backing their asses up against the bars of their cage so that they can spends some time with Mr. Pogo. “I’m a whore, fuck me more.” It’s the mantra that these two live by. Their whole existence revolves around tight bondage and servicing cock. They work together in their tiny space to show off their skills in hopes of getting a taste of the real thing.

Bella is the first one out of captivity. Rain gets to sit by and watch while Bella gets the royal treatment. Of course we don’t mean getting pampered. Instead all of our attention is focused on our star redhead. Now she’s stuck standing while our crew works her over with a pair of whips. She wants to shift her body away from the blows but any movement means she risks losing her balance and getting her steel lover rammed even deeper inside of her.

It gets worse. Once we have her warmed up we pull the heels away. Now Bella is left standing on the tips of her toes, a tough position even when two people aren’t taking whips to your feet. Some girls would give up at this point. Bella knows she still has a long day ahead of her.


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Gravity Part 2

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There is a reason everyone enjoys live feeds so much. Our crew enjoys putting on a show, obviously. And the membership loves being able to contribute to the decimation of our beautiful models. But the girls, girls like Nikki Darling and Bella Rossi, they come to us because a RealTimeBondage.com live show is the best way for them to experience the most intense bondage, discipline, and humiliation of their lives.

The predicament we put these two into first is almost indescribable. Bella is suspended and inverted, Nikki is holding up a weight with her ankles. The connection between them has Bella gasping for air and Nikki begging for mercy. She knows that if she doesn’t stay strong her partner is going to have a very miserable day.

Bella is probably wishing she didn’t have such big and attractive tits. When they aren’t tied off they’re clamped. Actually, most of the time she has to deal with both. It’s better than what we’re putting Nikki through, though.

She is bent over backward with her legs spread and her head back. Her pussy is playing host to a dildo at the end of a brutal fucking machine. Her mouth is going to get fucked full of rubber by Bella. It is an incredible double penetration – both ends of this girl are pounded mercilessly. She cums until she can barely see straight, falling slack against her bondage. There’s just one problem. We aren’t done yet. Nikki has another hole to fuck and we would feel terrible if we left it out. We bend her over, box her up so that only the useful parts are sticking out, and cram her backside full of strap-on before going ass to mouth.


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Cherry Torn belted down, planked and stuffed full of cock, brutal deep throat and massive orgasms!

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In Part Two of the very first live Sexuallybroken show, the utter destruction of Cherry Torn continues. We will not be satisfied until Cherry is an undone puddle of well fucked flesh on the floor. The pacing is relentless, the dicking down is without mercy. Cherry is already dazed and breathless and we are just getting started.

Using thick leather belts, Cherry is stepped down on a wooden plank for our own version of waterboarding. In this case, she is going to get waterboarded with dick. With her head hanging down over the edge, her throat hole is perfectly opened up and positioned for the cock. A vibrator is strapped in between her thighs and turned on full blast. Cherry is going nowhere fast. One after another, the dicks make themselves at home, sinking in to the base. Cherry has been reduced to simply being a cock sheath. A cock sheath that is very very good at deep throating.

The position and design on the tie allows us to free her legs but still leave her firmly bound to the board. Now we have access to both ends of this cumslut. We drill her down without mercy, her cum induced shrieks echoing off the rafters. The rougher we are, the more she cums. Cherry was born to do this sort of thing. She craves it with every fiber of her being, and we are here to oblige.

This is only the second position, Cherry is not even halfway done. The unraveling of this slut will continue until she is no longer able to even remember her own name. Brace yourself girl, you are in for the ride of your life…


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Hung up like Christ on the cross, Nikki has a bit of time to think about the things she said during our question and answer period. She has to wonder if telling our crew that she was most afraid of Jack and Elise is going to come back to haunt her. They’re certainly the two going at her body with whips, but the second they step out of the way Matt comes in and begins to work her pussy and tits with a flogger.

That is when she starts screaming so loudly she needs to be gagged. Her make up is running down her face in streaks, carried by her tears of pain. Maybe, she thinks, she shouldn’t have leveled a challenge of that sort to the rest of the crew. When they come over to attach the nipple clamps it becomes a bit more clear. As they attach the weights to them, all doubt is removed.

This has turned into a game of “who is the better sadist?” The zipper clips come out. The candles are placed so that one can drip wax on her while another one provides an open flame to hang her over. It is full BDSM overload before long. Tears drip down her face, wax drips off her feet and Nikki is hanging and helpless, just trying not to come apart at the seems.

The worst is yet to come. It is an ancient and powerful technique, pushing pins under the nails of a victim. Nikki’s prettily painted toes are perfect for it. It isn’t just a pin per toe. There is more than a dozen in there before all is said and done, each one like a little beacon of pain. It takes her mind away from the nose hooks and nipple pumps, but only for a few seconds.


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Jingle Sluts Part 3

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This is the third installment of our play time with Cadence Cross. In case you don’t remember her, she is the petite, tattooed, little minx with the deep and abiding love of bondage, discipline, and rough sex. She never passes on an opportunity to tell us how much she can take, how unafraid she is, and how much she is looking for more. Every member watching this feed had a few ideas on how to push her limits. We did our best to put them into action.

Cadence is bent nearly in two. You can see the wear and tear from the day in the bruises all across her ass. Her cheeks have turned bright pink from the constant spankings. The places where the heaviest cane strokes landed are black and blue.

There is a completely different side to Cadence, though. She has tits to whip and cane. She has a face to fuck with. She has a pussy that has been getting wetter and wetter with every painful humiliation she has had to endure. We can’t neglect all of these little bits of Cadence just because her ass is so nice.

Her tits could use a bit of decoration from a red wax candle. It’s startlingly hot as each droplet connects with her flesh. Speaking of decoration, there is a bright new addition to the classing electrical box. When you turn the crank the bell rings and Cadence gets shocked. This time we’ve hooked up some lights, too. You can see how often she is feeling the sting. The lights aren’t even the point of contact. The jolts will be running through the large metal dildo impaling her cunt. Nikki Darling will operate the box while Jack Hammer operates the whip that keeps her turning the crank.


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Jingle Sluts Part 2

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Cadence Cross is still looking for more from her live feed. When she got here she told us how into it she was and how much she was looking forward to it. Every torment has just reinforced her desire to please us. Where as some people might regret their decision to offer themselves up to the sickest minds in BDSM, Cadence has been looking for someone to take her to the next level. She isn’t afraid of what is coming next. She has been looking forward to it.

When you’ve got pretty little nipples like Cadence you can’t expect them to go unteased. A tiny length of twine is wrapped around each one, providing neat and convenient little handles. Even better they make great places to hang some weights from.

Things get intense fast. It goes from a couple of little weights hanging from her tits to a complete sense overload. Whipping, flogging, zipper clips, the powerful Hitachi and more, everything hits her at once. She told us before she was into pain and humiliation. It’s true, because she has a body rocking orgasm while having her suffering streamed live in HD.

She gets down on her hands and knees to eat a meal before the next, even more extreme part begins. Being bent over and beaten is nothing compared to being suspended for it. There is nothing to grip, no way to move, and she is being caned so hard that she starts to swing in her bondage.

The bruises on her ass show up before the beating is even through. The floggings, whippings, and canings have all taken their toll on Cadence’s unblemished, pale skin. They’ve taken a toll on her pussy, too. She is so dripping wet that you can see it from a mile away. All she wants is a cock inside of her. We have a lovely assortment of rubber ones on hand, just for her.


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Jingle Sluts

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There is no beating around the bush with this live feed. The first few questions our members ask are a way to establish exactly what Cadence Cross and Nikki Darling are into. They have a lot in common it turns out. They love humiliation, they love tight bondage, they love pain and orgasms and corporal punishment. What a fortunate coincidence. We love those things, too!

The reverse prayer is one of the most intense bondage positions out there. In fact, most girls can’t even twist their bodies enough to get into it, never mind trying to stay in it for an extended period of time. And the way tough, positional bondage works, the more stimulus there is the harder it is to hold on.

Cadence and Nikki can both manage the reverse prayer, but for how long? We’re never interested in making things easy for them. Once the hands are pulled up behind their backs things begin to get complicated. Castration bands around their nipples are bad, but tying them to each other so that their movements create a painful tug was just inspired. One gets the vibrator, the other gets the whip, but they both start wriggling right away.

And that’s just the beginning. These two are determined to keep going with this live feed so there is no reason to treat them with the kid gloves. There are a lot of games in store for them. Before we move on to round two, though, they have to make it out of round one. That means getting each other free from the bondage holding them in place. It’s probably be a lot easier to do if they could use more than their mouths.


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Pricked Part 3

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Live feeds are always an extremely trying time for any model. Mollie Rose, for instance, has been dealing with canes, whips, wax, and electricity for hours now and she is clearly about to break. She is a great masochist. She loves the feelings of pain and humiliation, but even the most dedicated submissive can only take so much before they have to give in.

Cadence Cross has been standing by to help take some of the pressure off. That’s the point of the decoration model, to give us something else to play with while the main attraction takes a bit of a breath. Now that we’re in the home stretch, though, it is all about Mollie. Cadence is going to be put on ice. In this case a bit more literally than she would like.

Everything is coming back to her now. It means more caning, more whipping, and much more electricity. The tens unit is pulsing shocks through her muscles while the Wartenberg wheel rolls over the area. The current is specifically designed to stimulate muscle contractions and sensation. The pin wheel exploits that by playing little needles across Mollie’s skin.

It isn’t her last experience with voltage today. The finale comes in the form of a custom made box with clamps that provide intense sparks. They can be attached anywhere, nipples or labia, to target the torment as precisely as possible. We’re going to give her a memory test now, and each wrong answer is going to be met with an intense incentive to know the names of the perverts who took time out of their lives to contribute to her experience.


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Pricked Part 2

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One in a cage and one on the stage. That’s how this scene opens up. The petite and pretty Bunny Doll is locked away and answering a few personal questions while we are getting Mollie Rose prepared.

Well, it is worth waiting a few minutes to see what we are putting Mollie through. The set up is wonderful. She is on her knees, mouth open, tongue clamped and tits ready to be pumped into suction cups.

It’s the bed frame that presents the real challenge, though. She’s there, spread eagle, on a metal frame. A mask of vet wrap covers her mouth, making a particularly effective gag. Those pretty tits of hers are tied up to a hard point high above her by the piercings. She arches against her bonds just a little bit, trying to relieve the pressure.

That only serves to put her in the prime position for the intense corporal punishment coming her way. It may help keep the tension off the nipples but it means she will feel a tug every time she recoils. The way our crew is working her over, there is no chance she is going to sit still and suffer.

She is going to struggle to get away from the hot wax. She is going to buck when the vibrator tears orgasm after orgasm from her tired clit. She is going to shiver and pull away when the ice is pressed against her pussy. And she is going to cry and beg when the whip starts to play across her skin, leaving bright red welts along her torso.

It isn’t the final scene for Mollie, either. There is another one, with her face down and her ass up. That round target is going to get a bit of attention. We’re never shy about applying a bit of brute force to an ass so nice. Nor are we afraid to apply some electricity to the soles of her feet. It’s a sensitive area that makes a great target.


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When a movie opens up on two beautiful young women locked in a cage you know that it is going to be a good one. Mollie Rose and Candace Cross are in this together today.

Mollie is our main focus. She has had the chance to sit in on our live feeds before, so she knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she signed up. In fact, that is why she was so excited to come work with us again. She is one of the most intense submissives that we have ever come across, in fact. She doesn’t just like bondage and discipline. It isn’t just a sexual fetish or even a lifestyle for her. It is part of the core of her being, and every time she finds one of her own limits it becomes her mission to have them pushed. It infiltrates every part of her life, but the best part of being with us is doing it all on a grand stage for so many viewers.

Candace is on stand by today. She hasn’t seen what kind of demented things come up during a live bondage show. We will go easy on her, at least at first, because one day she may have be doing a feed of her own. Of course, being a first timer she has no clue what to expect, and a little fear and anticipation make everything so much worse. We’re going to work her nerves a bit before we start in on her body. It’s better this way.

Like always we start with the questioning. We like to get to know the girls before we start the action. It gives us insight into what makes them tick. No detail is too insignificant when you are looking for a bit of an opening. Anything they say can and will be used against them to make them cry. We learn a little bit about the things that they like and don’t like, enough to make good use of the information later.

When we take them out of the cage it doesn’t mean they have found their freedom. Quite the contrary, in fact. We have some shackles and handcuffs to lock them into. There is a bowl full of keys nicknacks near by and the first girl to find her set and get unlocked is going to get a very special prize. There are some intense orgasms in store for the winner of our little competition. And for the loser? We haven’t figured out what happens to her yet, but it will not be pleasant.

A few of our members got curious about PD’s particular style of bondage. With Mollie on set it makes perfect sense to use her for the demonstration. She knows her willingness to serve is going to pay off. The bondage comes in the form of a clam shell style tie that folds her perfectly in half. She can look up over her tightly tied legs and we have a nice view of her neatly maintained pussy. Add a ball gag for good measure and Mollie is in bondage slut heaven.

Candace gets in on the action, too. She has her own tie on, but it allows her a lot more freedom of movement. Specifically she is more than able to put on a strap on dildo and give Mollie a hell of a ride. The great thing about the rubber cocks is that they are so relentless. The bells we have clamped to Candace’s nipples add a nice little jingle to go along with the sex. This lesbian strap on sex session is going to last until we decide we have had enough, and it won’t end a moment sooner.

Mollie has told us before she enjoys corporal punishment as much as she does sex, so we have to test that. The tie we have her in isn’t really made for suspending girls, but that isn’t going to stop us from trying. We lift her up and she immediately starts complaining about the tension on her neck. That’s fine. There is always another way to handle these things.

For Mollie we set her back down and started giving her a bit more of the kind of punishment she loves. Pussy flogging, face slapping, and just general abuse all make her dripping wet. She has already been fucked once today, but if we keep this up she’ll be begging for another in no time.


Penny Dreadful Part 3

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Penny Barber and Mollie Rose are two sides of the same coin. On one side is Penny, the beautiful brat. She likes to antagonize her tormentors to see what they are made of and get them to push her to her limits. On the other is Mollie. She is as compliant as they come, suffering gladly since every bit of pain pushes her closer to an orgasm. Between the two of them they give us plenty of reasons to play with our cruelest toys.

When we make a model stand on a copper plate everyone watching knows exactly what that means. Polished to a bright shine, the metal is certainly pretty, but that’s not why we like it so much. For us the main attraction is the impressive conductivity. Once a girl is standing on the sheet it will act as a perfect ground to complete the circuit. The only question is… “Where should we attach the OTHER end of the current?”

That’s a joke. We all know that we are going to hook the lead to her pussy. It ensures we’ll get the maximum possible reaction from every shock.

Penny is a crafty little minx. As soon as we start the current flowing she manages to shimmy her feet free of the sheet. Unfortunately for her, we aren’t blind or stupid and neither are our viewers.

A few quick adjustments and not only do we have ropes making sure her feet stay over the center of the plate, but we’ve found a way to turn this into a wonderful little predicament. That rope harness of hers keeps Penny in a standing position. If she is willing to put a but of strain on herself she can use it to lift herself up off of the plate. We should do something to stop it, but it’s just so much fun knowing that eventually she has to put her feet down. Or at least it is for us. It causes Penny so much anxiety that we even remove her gag, just to hear her begging and screaming better.

We take her down eventually. We have other things we’d like to do to her. As we’re unwinding the rope from around her body she begins sobbing uncontrollably. The poor baby needs a hug and a break if she is going to continue. These live feeds have gotten more intense over the years and so we’ve started keeping a spare model on the set, just to handle some of the punishment.

While Penny stays secured in her box it is Mollie’s turn to feel the pain. We tie her down over the same cage and start to hammer her butt with blows from our canes. The bright pink stripes start to run together, turning her entire ass the same rosy shade. Bruises start to form before we’ve even finished.

And since Penny is such a pain slut we know what will make a perfect accompaniment to her punishment. Elise Graves grabs a vibrator and presses it between her legs. Mollie always cums faster and harder when someone is making her suffer. Having the most powerful hand held vibrator we can find buzzing away at her clit makes it even harder to control herself. It is only a few minutes before she is calling out for permission to orgasm.

While we’re setting Penny up for her next stunt we run a little experiment. Some canes really got Mollie off quickly, but will she cum even faster if she is suffering under the whip? It is a much sharper pain and it has her crying out, but is it enough to make her beg for release again?

Speaking of Penny, you may recall that at the beginning of the live feed we made a deal with her. There was one thousand dollars in cold hard cash placed inside of a small lock box. Penny was given a few seconds of privacy to set the code, which no one else in the world knows. For this part of the shoot the only way to stop the torment is to tell us the code. If she can hold out through whatever painful ideas we come up with, long enough for us to get bored, she can keep the money. It is a hell of an incentive to suffer, but how long can she hold out and will it be worth it?

Step one is simple enough. Her feet are put into ice baths. The cold will make them hurt and also weaken her resolve. Next we’re going to insert the electrical dildo into her pussy, but we’re not mean enough to do it without lube. We use some of our special fire sauce to grease the wheels, so to speak. There have been girls who have safe worded at the touch of the sauce and Penny is going strong.

Or at least she was until she thought about her predicament too much. Sitting in a metal chair with her feet in buckets of water, electricity just seconds away from coursing through her pussy, suddenly she has a frightful paranoia that the shocks will be conducted around her entire body. How long can she hold out against the mind fuck?

And what about that mask from the beginning of the shoot? At the time it was enough to send Penny screaming for the hills. Now, with so many other things on her mind, can she keep it together when the same object that made her safe word earlier makes another appearance.


Penny Dreadful Part 2

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This is the continuation of the Penny Barber and Mollie Rose live feed. While we get Penny ready for her next feat of submission there is some free time to learn more about our beautiful decoration model, Mollie. We have all kinds of questions for her.

We ask the most obvious questions first. “How do you like your cage?” “What do you think is going to happen to Penny?” Those are the warm ups. Then we dig a bit deeper. We ask her about her interests and her tattoos for a little bit, to get her a bit more comfortable with personal questions. After that is when we start looking for the information that we really want. We learn a bit about her limits, her lifestyle and her history. What we really want to know is what kind of bondage slut she is and how hard we can push her.

What we found out is extremely encouraging. Mollie has always loved bondage, from before she even knew what it meant. She loves it in her personal life, it is a necessary facet of her sexuality. When we ask her simple questions like, “Do you prefer being caned or humiliated” she always asks for both. That is always the right answer as far as we are concerned.

The entire time we have been questioning Mollie we have been preparing Penny. She is actually the focus of this show. The contraption we have her hooked up to is an impressive one. It binds her wrists and ankles in place, provides a tight collar around her throat and the most powerful hand held vibrator we can find, the Hitachi, nestled securely between her legs. Beneath her feet are grates instead of a flat surface, meaning that the longer she stands the more pain she will feel, regardless of whatever other torments we have in mind.

Speaking of which, it isn’t long before we start to ramp things up. The last thing we need is our subject getting comfortable. While we apply suction cups to her nipples Penny answers some questions from our membership. True to form, this brat would rather talk about why it’s a “dumb question” than give a straight answer. That’s fine, though. It’s not like we needed a reason to beat her, but it’s always nice to have some extra motivation. We insert a ball gag to stop her from talking and start the business of making her regret running her mouth.

First up, Cyd Black is going to play with those freshly pumped nipples and Penny’s beautiful ass. He’s got a pair of leather floggers and they are perfect for making her scream. She gets a brief break from the flogging, just long enough for us to attach handful of clothespins to her body. We want to see her cum and she always seems to have an easier time when she has a bit of pain to go with her pleasure. We aren’t the type to judge. We like it better that way, too.

It takes a couple of minutes to get the girls set up for their next position but it is worth it. Both of them are set up on our couch with their legs pulled back and their perfect pussies exposed. Even being bound like this is enough to make both of them wet. It is the kind of position they would love to get fucked in, but that isn’t going to happen when we have so many more fun things we can do to them.

We’ve put their pussies on display for a reason. It is so much fun to whip them. Both of these girls are intense pain sluts and as soon as the whip starts to slap against their slits they start to show it. The sounds that come out of them are a mixture of pain and pleasure, a combination of crying and moaning. Every time a blow is landed they grit their teeth and grin at the same time.

There is a little game that we like to play here and this is the perfect opportunity. We have a vibrator on hand, a little one, but more than powerful enough to evoke some intense orgasms from our girls. One of them will get that while the other gets the flogger, paddle, cane or whip, whichever we decide. While one of them has the opportunity to cum the other will be about to cry.

Foot caning comes next, before either one of them has had a chance to get off. They take their punishment together this time, both of them trying to suffer in silence but screaming out instead. It isn’t the vibrators that eventually bring them both to orgasm, or even the pain. It is an intense finger fucking that has Penny literally squirting all over herself and Mollie cumming in a matter of seconds.

They take it as a favor but it is anything but. Once they have gotten off they will be as sensitive as ever. That is the perfect time to go back to flogging their pussies. We really want to see which one of them can take more. We’ll let you decide which one of them is better. Penny tries to cover up and avoid the pain but her screams are just like music to our ears. Mollie takes every blow with a whimper but opens herself up more with every one.

The two of them are in deep subspace soon. Their asses are covered in the marks and bruises left by the tools we’ve employed. They are going to get a break in a minute, but only long enough for us to set them up for the next round.


Penny Dreadful

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Penny Barber is NOT a fan of hoods. Before the mask is even all the way on her mascara has started to run from the tears. That’s ok, though. It’s good to learn a girl’s limits near the beginning of a live show. That way we can spend the entire day pushing her buttons to get the maximum effect. Penny is known for being a brat that is hard to break. We are going to test that reputation.


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